Registration Information and Code of Conduct.

Please read the 'Code of Conduct' before joining this forum as this contains information regarding what is required from you, when filling in your profile at registration.
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Registration Information and Code of Conduct.

Post by Martin Goldstraw » Wed Mar 22, 2006 5:17 pm

This discussion forum is an open but moderated heraldic forum. There is also a section set aside to be used by those whose armorial bearings are recorded in the register.

The forum has a Code of Conduct (below) and users are advised to read this carefully before posting on the forum. If you are new to the forum, when you fill out your registration form you will be automatically authorised and be able to view and post to the forum and enter into discussions. We do not expect you to breach the code of conduct but if you do breach the ‘Code of Conduct’, your future postings may be reviewed by one of the Moderators before authorisation.

You may contact the Forum Administrator if you have any queries or require help on the forum directly by e-mail.

Code of Conduct

The Armorial Register - International Register of Arms assumes no responsibility for the content of messages posted on this Forum. Messages posted here are the responsibility of the poster. The Register reserves the right to edit or delete any messages deemed to have violated the Code of Conduct. Following these few ‘Terms and Conditions’ will we feel, enhance the enjoyment of the forum for everyone.

When filling in your registration to the forum your profiles must be filled out with at least

1. Username: Mandatory (full proper name for example 'Peter Piper', no aliases)

2. Website: (optional) after registration

3. Location: Mandatory (Town/Country) after registration.

4. Occupation: (optional) after registration

5. Interests: (optional) after registration

6. Signature: (optional) (full name) after registration

7. For Anti Spam purposes, at registration you will be asked a question for which you have to give the answer.

All answers must be sensible and accurate and must contain at least one valid email address which, will be used by the system for conformation by generating an email to you containing a link which you will be asked to follow to confirm your email address.

The username MUST be your actual name. In the signature section of the registration form you must enter your real name and all posts must display your real name at the bottom of every post, Postings under a false name, postings without your real name at the bottom as described above and postings without a name at all at the bottom as described above could lead to deletion.

• Members of the forum may load an avatar to their profile (small image) either of themselves or their armorial bearings.

• Under preferences in the registration form, please make sure you’re ‘Attach my Signature’ is enabled.

• Users should only post messages based on appropriate topics.

• Postings must not be designed to disrupt the Forum.

• Language must be moderated at all times.

• This forum may not be used to post messages, which are reasonably considered to be libellous or which in the opinion of the moderators contain personal remarks calculated to insult persons, groups or organisations.

• Inappropriate postings should be reported to one of the Moderators.

• The Register reserves the right to extend the spectrum of subjects deemed to be off-topic and not allowed.

• The Moderators are here to help and will certainly do everything they can in that regard, but please remember their job is to insure the smooth running of this forum for the benefit of all members.
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