Heraldic Badge of Northern Ireland

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D. L. T. Kane
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Heraldic Badge of Northern Ireland

Post by D. L. T. Kane » Fri Oct 02, 2020 9:51 am

Hello all,

This is my first post, so I hope I’m posting this in the correct area.

I was wondering if anybody knows if there ever was a heraldic badge granted to Northern Ireland/ Ulster.

I have come across heraldic badges for the island of Ireland; however, I haven’t seen one issued for Northern Ireland specifically.

I always assumed it would be the red hand of Ulster with a crown placed above, similar to the harp that the Island of Ireland used while part of the British Empire or perhaps a floral badge like the rest of the countries in the British Isles.

Was such a badge ever granted to Northern Ireland?

Thank you all in advance,

D. L. T Kane
Felis Demulcta Mitis,
D. L. T. Kane

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Michael F. McCartney
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Re: Heraldic Badge of Northern Ireland

Post by Michael F. McCartney » Tue Oct 06, 2020 6:27 am

Flax has been used as a floral badge, similar to English Tudor roses & Scottish thistles. I don't know how historic the flax may be as an heraldic badge.
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