Charles Church - Armigerous Builder

Application, uses and display of Heraldry
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Charles Church - Armigerous Builder

Post by Stephen J F Plowman » Wed May 24, 2006 8:37 am

I thought it would be a good example of heraldry being used actively in the 21st century.

As used on the company's billboards and literature.

These mouldings are normally on the walls of the buildings at the entrance of any Charles Church development.

I also posted the images at rec.heraldry (a heraldic post there!?) and asked if someone would like to have a stab at the blazon. James Dempster put forward:
Gules a garland (of olive?) Argent surmounted by a sword in pale point
upwards of the second hilted and pommelled Or between in chief two
mason's trowels in pale blades upward also Argent handled Or.

For crest: Within a garland Argent a Maltese cross Or
I believe that Charles Church himself is deceased but it is interesting to see that his Arms are still in use.
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