Heraldic Knight Figure

Application, uses and display of Heraldry
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Heraldic Knight Figure

Post by J Duncan of Sketraw » Sat Dec 01, 2007 2:53 pm

Heraldic knight figures are nothing new but James Wilkins a friend of mine, originally a Blacksmith born and raised in Glencoe House, Glencoe, decided on his retirement from sales and marketing to turn a hobby into a business 'Sculptured Crafts'. James is at present living in Northamptonshire and is looking to move back to the Black Isle in 2008.

The Heraldic knights James produces are simply stunning and full of detail and measure around 12in high and are hefty in weight. You can gain more information via his website http://www.sculpturedcrafts.co.uk


The axe can be replaced with the knight holding a personal banner.

James is in the process of producing a 5in shield supported on an upright knights gauntlet, which can be used either as a table banner type display for functions etc or simply a way of displaying your arms. Their will be a choice of two shield shapes the traditional Scottish type shape and the broader heater shield.

Also on the table for development next year is a Highlander in full highland dress with sword and targe etc. which will be painted in you Clan Tartan or your own personal tartan.
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