Lafosse story True or False

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Lafosse story True or False

Post by J Duncan of Sketraw » Wed Jun 28, 2006 1:41 am

Does anyone have conformation of this story, perhaps a scan of the article in the Sunday Mail? There does not seem to be anything on the Sunday Mail Website regarding this article.

A story supposedly in the Sunday Mail 18th June 2006:

A Belgian who claims to be king of Scotland is set to be kicked out of the country after losing his British citizenship.

Michael Lafosse, who calls himself HRH Prince Michael of Albany, is also facing fraud charges over his application for a British passport in June 2004. Lafosse, 48, who claims he is a direct descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie, has been under investigation by the Home Office for six months.

The former gift shop worker and waiter ignored more than 20 letters from investigators to his home in Edinburgh's New Town. They wanted him to explain why he submitted a forged birth certificate in support of his British citizenship application five years ago. The probe was launched after information was given to investigators at the UK passport office in Glasgow in December by a historical researcher.

A Home Office insider said yesterday "Lafosse was given every chance possible to plead his case but he just ignored our letters." "He has now had his British citizenship revoked and he will also lose his right to a British passport."

Lafosse, whose claims have been labelled totally bogus by experts, is also alleged to have used a fake diplomatic passport to travel. He could not be contacted for comment at his home yesterday.
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