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Last Update: 02/10/2019

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Husain Hanif Roussel

Registered: The International Register of Arms, 20th August 2019. Registration No. 0508 (Vol.3).

Arms:  Per chevron Gules and Or, in base a bull’s head caboshed Sable and in chief a fleur-de-lis Or between two swords erect bladed Argent, hilted and pommeled Or; the whole within a bordure Azure charged with eight fleurs-de-lis Or.

Crest: Issuant from a castle Argent a demi-bull rampant guardant Sable pendent from the dexter hoof scales of justice Or.

Motto: Educatio Libertatem (Latin: Education is Freedom).

Badge: Pendant from a chain of two links Or, on an annulet Vert a Maltese cross Or surmounted by a hurt within a bordure Gules charged of a cross of eight points Or itself charged of a heart Gules.

Assumed:  United States of America, 15th August 2019

Arms devised by The Armorial Register

The fleur-de-lis on the shield signifies the French origins of the armiger, his family branch the Botreau-Roussel-Bonneterre from the French West Indies, their membership of minor French nobility, and Detroit, Michigan the city of the armiger’s birth. The face of the bull on the shield signifies his family roots from the Caribbean, State of Texas, and the zodiac sign for the birth of his father. The two swords represent four centuries of military, law enforcement and government service on the paternal and maternal sides of the armiger’s family. The colour Azure represents history of service to the  Kingdom of France.

Banner of Husain Hanif Roussel

Or and Gules represents ancestry from Spain and Africa (Imamate of Futa Jallon) now modern Republic of Guinea.

The armiger was born in Detroit, Michigan USA and graduated from General H. H. Arnold High School in Wiesbaden, West Germany in 1989. He spent most of his youth growing up in a military family living abroad in Central America (Panama), and Europe (Germany). The armiger has worked for IBM, Multilayer Technologies (MULTEK), and Raytheon Systems Company (Defence Contract Section) in Austin, Texas prior to a long career in criminal justice. He has spent over 19 years in the criminal justice field as a Texas State Government employee and holds a commission as a Notary Public since 2014. The armiger is a graduate of the Texas Department of Public Safety Recruit School Training Academy (Class A-04).

He has received several awards in his career including the Texas Department of Public Safety Director Citation for Heroism in the Line of Duty, and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Governor Recognition Award for Valuable Public Servants in the State of Texas.

Education: B.A. History and Government from Huston-Tillotson College (1996), and M.S. in Administration of Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix (2008).

Societies: Member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. - Theta Chapter (1992), Member of the National Criminal Justice Honor Society - Alpha Phi Sigma - Eta Theta Chapter (2010), Member of the Travis County Archeological Society - Austin, Texas, Member of the S.A.S. Chateau de l'Ebaupinay (2018) - the armiger is a co-chatelain (co-owner) de Château de l'Ébaupinay (Fortified feudal castle from the late 14th / early 15th centuries located in Le Breuil-sous-Argenton, commune d'Argentonnay, in the French Department of Deux-Sevres, and the Region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France), and Member of The American Heraldry Society.

Honours: Knight (Chevalier) Grand Officer in the Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam - Awarded in 2015.

The Badge of Husain Hanif Roussel

Ancestry of the Armiger

1.Guy Botreau (Father) (1635-1704) French Royal Notary of Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe appointed in 1678 by Charles de La Roche-Courbon, comte de Blenac , Governor-General of the French West Indies & Marguerite d'Auvergne (b. 1637)
2.Guy Botreau (Son) (1668-1756) French Military Officer / Royal Engineer of the King & dame Elisabeth Roussel de Gissey de la Barrière (1676-1750)
3.Paul Botreau-Roussel, marquis de Roussel (Brevet Title), sieur or seigneur de Saint-Louis (1716-1784) Captain in French Militia 1767 / Superior (High) Council Member of Guadeloupe in 1779 / Swore oath of fealty as a vassal to the King of France Louis XV after purchase of le fief de Saint-Louis in Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe on January 19, 1770 from the family of the Marquis de Boisseret & dame Catherine Radigonde Lacave-Guesnon (1736-1762)
4.Marie Joseph Botreau-Roussel-Bonneterre, seigneur de Mayombe (1758-1801) Lieutenant 1779 and Aide-Major 1783 in French Militia / Owner of Habitation (Estate) Mayombe / Municipal Officer to Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe 1793 / City Commissioner of Vieux-Fort (Old Town / Old Fort), Guadeloupe 1794 & dame Jeanne Claudine Germaine Vavon-Duplessis (1760-1810)
5.Louis Joseph Botreau-Roussel-Bonneterre, co-seigneur de Mayombe (1780-1817) & dame Claudine Marie Marguerite Partarrieu (1778-1871)
6.Joseph Botreau-Roussel-Bonneterre (1808-1881) Deputy Mayor of Grand Bourg de Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe & Anna (Anne) Victoire Josephine Raby (1813-1889)
7.Pierre Adhemar Botreau-Roussel-Bonneterre (1837-1871) & Marie Louise Leontine Charlotte Walther (1844-1890)
8.Marie Henri Alfred Botreau-Roussel-Bonneterre (b. 1866) French Army (Medical Division) & Marie Elisabeth Pagesy (1861-1904)
9.Daniel Francois Botreau-Roussel-Bonneterre (1888-1967) & Ana Luisa Martinez (1899-1978)
10.Daniel Roussel-Martinez (1916-2010) IBM Accountant & Maria Teresa Cartagena de Castillo (1919-1956)
11.Daniel Roussel-Cartagena. United States Army - Master Sergeant in the 1st Cavalry Division & Beverly Ann Kindles.
12.Husain Hanif Roussel.


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The Armorial Bearings of Husain Hanif Roussel