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Doctor Sergio Antonio Corona Paez

Registered: The International Register of Arms, 2nd January 2007. Registration No. 0089.

Arms: Per pale, Gules and Argent, in first, three ancient crowns Or, in second, a tower Azure, all within a border Gules charged with five stars six pointed Azure, three in chief, two in base.

Crest: Three ostrich feathers Or, Gules and Argent.

Motto: Meus in culmine finis.

Certification: Don Vicente de Cadenas y Vicent, Chronicler King of Arms of Spain on November 27, 1989. Protocol 1-1990, pages 105-107.

The Arms of Doctor Sergio Antonio Corona Paez

The arms are the medieval arms of Corona family from Santander, Spain, plus a mark of difference which is the general bordure with the five stars.

Rendition of Arms by Clyde Webb.

The armiger is a Commander in The Royal Order of Saint Michael of the Wing (Portugal) and a Knight of the Noble Compañia de Ballesteros Hijosdalgo de San Felipe y Santiago.

Sergio Antonio Corona Paez was born in Torreon, Mexico on October 12, 1950. He obtained a Bachelor Degree in Science and Techniques of Communication, a Masters degree and a Doctorate of History (with honors) from the Jesuit Universidad Iberoamericana Santa Fe, in Mexico City.
He is a Professor in the Universidad Iberoamericana Laguna (Torreon); Director of the Historical Research Center in said campus; Author or co-author of over 20 books; Official Chronicler of the City and County of Torreon; Correspondent Member of the Academia Melitense Hispana from Madrid (Spain) and, by decree of the City Council of Torreon (2006), Illustrious Citizen.

On March 13, 1982, Sergio Antonio Corona Paez married Olga Patricia Reyes Fernandez, granddaughter of Divisional General Manuel H. Reyes Iduñate. Their son is Sergio Antonio Corona Reyes (born in Torreon on June 12, 1983) Bachelor of Communication.


Felix Edmundo Corona de la Fuente, (born in Monterrey, Mexico, October 7, 1911) and Maria Concepcion Paez Martinez (born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, on June 7, 1922). Married on December 13th, 1939.

Grandparents (paternal)

Felix Edmundo Corona Toledano (born in Jonacatepec, Mexico, on November 20, 1880) and Maria Antonia de la Fuente Treviño (born in Monterrey, Mexico on January, 1891). They were married in Monterrey, Mexico, on July 31, 1909.

Felix Edmundo Corona Toledano was a member of the Corona lineage which originated in Santander, Spain. When Montezuma’s Empire fell (1521) and New Spain came to exist, poor hidalgo Spanish settlers bearing this surname (Corona, de la Corona) came to establish themselves on the region of Puebla de los Angeles and Tlaxcala. They were granted lands as “vecinos” and “pobladores” (first settlers at their own expense) which kept for them their original status of “hidalgos” (gentry).

Maria Antonia de la Fuente was ninth direct descendant of Captain Domingo de la Fuente and his wife Francisca Martínez-Guajardo. Domingo was a settler in la villa de Santiago del Saltillo (New Spain) in 1609 and a member of the landed lesser nobility. He was a Spanish benemerito, conqueror, encomendero, miner and trader. During his lifetime, he held these positions: Council Scribe (1610), member of the Council as Alguacil Mayor (1616, 1618), General Attorney of the County (Procurator, 1619, 1631), etc. By the marriage of Luis de la Fuente Cabello (Domingo´s great-great- grandson) with Josefa Gonzalez-de-Paredes y de la Garza-Falcón, Maria Antonia was tenth direct descendant of Captain Alberto do Canto, the Portuguese founder of the villa de Santiago del Saltillo in 1575 and his wife, Estefania de Montemayor y Porcayo, an eleventh direct descendant of captain Diego de Montemayor, founder of Monterrey (Mexico) and his wife, Juana Porcayo-de-la-Cerda.

Grandparents (maternal)

Antonio Paez Sanchez (born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, on June 13, 1867) and Maria Altagracia Martinez Castro (born in Alaquines, S.L.P., Mexico on January 6, 1894). Married in San Luis Potosi on May 28th 1914.

Antonio Paez was the son of Rafel Paez y Saavedra, who was born in Chalatenango (Guatemala) in 1830, and Maria Felipa Sanchez Gutierrez, born in San Juan de los Lagos (Mexico) on may 27, 1836. They got married in San Luis Potosi, on January 7th 1863. Rafael´s parents were general Geronimo Paez y Saavedra (member of the old Spaniard Paez-de-Monteseros lesser nobility and landed family) and Tiburcia Saavedra, who married in what is now the city of San Salvador, El Salvador (then Guatemala) on 1824. General Geronimo Paez y Saavedra was a national hero, Lieutenant of the “Freedom” Dragon Corps, Brigade General, Mayor of San Salvador, Deputy, President of El Salvador Legislative Assembly (1831). Owner of the “Sabanetas Hacienda” in Chiquimula, Guatemala.

Maria Altagracia Martinez belonged to the Martinez family, owner of the XVIII century “Hacienda de las Tuzas”. The Martínez were a cadet branch of the colonial landed family Martínez-Saldierna and Martinez-Moctezuma in Alaquines, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.


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The Armorial Bearings of Doctor Sergio Antonio Corona Paez