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Last Update: 10/04/2018

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Mervyn Charles Cole Esq. LMMSGB, Lord of The Manor of Knowstone

Registered: The International Register of Arms, 15th April 2016. Registration No. 0389 (Vol.3). (Lordship & Barony Register)

Arms: Per fess Or and Sable a Fess wavy per fess wavy Azure and Argent in chief between two Towers Gules a closed Book Vert and in base a Lymphad under sail with oars in action and pennoned Or.

Crest: Within a Coronet the finials composed alternately of Tiger's faces and Crosses patty Or a Swan Sable beaked Gules wings elevated holding in the beak an Anchor reversed bendwise the cables reflexed about the neck Or.

Motto: Excellentiam Condens

Grant: College of Arms, London, 26 August 1995.

Badge: On a Rose Gules barbed Vert a Tigers face Or.

The Arms of Mervyn Charles Cole Esq

Standard: On the hoist the Arms and on the fly Argent three representations of the Badge alternating with the motto Excellentiam Condens the whole fringed Or and Azure.

The charges of two turrets in red (Gules), represent the armiger’s architectural profession. The book in green (Vert) – closed represents academia - architecture & teaching. The two wavy lines, Blue (Azure) and White (Argent) - represent the sea or ocean and along with the Lymphad in gold (Or), it represents the armiger’s early Royal Naval service.
The Crest of a Coronet and a Black (Sable) Swan holding an anchor Gold (Or) symbolises perfection, beauty, and grace with the anchor once again reflecting the armiger’s early Royal Naval service. 
The Coronet of Gold (Or) featuring a cross and stylised Lions Head in Gold (Or) represents the armiger’s manorial fief as does his badge of a Tudor Red (Gules) Rose with stylised Lions Head in Gold (Or). The badge is described quite simply and effectively as The Lion Tudor Rose. The Latin motto translated to English is Building Excellence. 

The Title Lord of Knowstone can be traced back to before William the Conquer, King of England 1066 to 1087. 1023. The armiger understands that the manor was first granted by King Cnut (c.995 – 1035) in 1023
King William I, commissioned the Domesday Book in 1085 – 1086 in which Knowstone has four entries, Lord Algar of Knowstone 1066, Then his son and heir Lord Rolf of Knowstone 1086.
There Manor has a long and colourful history which is more detailed over the last 250 to 300 years.
A company, Fenton Rose, was founded and incorporated, by Charles William Fenton and Marcus Archibald Rose, the Lord of Knowstone (Mervyn C Cole’s) ancestor in the mid-17th century England. They designed, (architects were called masons, craftsman and master builders then), built, and operated Coaching Inns, the first between London and Glasgow, Scotland. Then in 1830, the company started also operating a fleet of Stage Coaches over the same route and added Edinburgh. Travel was “fast” taking 44 hours to travel from London to Edinburgh at an average speed of nearly 10 miles per hour.

The Standard of Mervyn Charles Cole Esq

Today, Mervyn C Cole Lord of Knowstone, the 43rd to hold the title, carries on the name Fenton Rose, in honour of his fore fathers, as The Fenton Rose Group, including Fenton Rose International Architects.
The armiger, born 1941, is a British International Chartered Architect (BARCH  AACA  FRAIA  RIBA  FIOD  AIA), still very active in Architecture and Philanthropy, his professional endeavours in both his practice diversity and sports has seen him closely involved with NASA on Skylab, after it crashed he designed a limited edition Skylab Commemorative Medallions Gold (500) and Silver (1,000) containing a dump of the Skylab metal from space.
Sporting, as a keen ocean racing and cruising yachtsman saw him involved in the Americas Cup win by Australia, finally publishing “The Americas Cup Cartoon Collection.”
His long Masonic history a Member of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, being very active when Michael Baillie Lord Burton served as Grand Master Mason from 1993/1999. In addition, the Grand Lodge of England, The Scottish Rite USA and Shriners International, appointed Global Ambassador 1998.

The Badge of Mervyn Charles Cole Esq

In addition to the armiger’s Masonic philanthropic work, the Shrine Hospitals for Children in the USA was Chairman of the International Children’s Foundation and ICF Kids Art. Founding Chairman of the Newborn Hearing Foundation (UK), which after ten years of research at Hillingdon Hospital (UK) with a team led by Professor Tucker and Brunel University now sees Newborn Hearing Screening clinics being introduced in maternity hospitals globally.

The armiger’s philanthropic endeavours have seen him devote much of his time, talents, and resources to those less fortunate.

The Armiger was made a Life Member of The Manorial Society of Great Britain in 1995.



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The Armorial Bearings of Mervyn Charles Cole Esq. LMMSGB, Lord of The Manor of Knowstone