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Last Update: 11/04/2018

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Robin Bruce Mackie

Registered: The International Register of Arms, 11th November 2015. Registration No. 0373 (Vol.3)..

Arms: Azure, three mullets between two bars wavy in base and a chief dancetty Argent charged with a lion with a dragon's tail passant Gules armed and langued Azure.

Crest: A demi cougar Gules winged armed and langued Bleu céleste gorged with a coronet erablé Or grasping in the dexter paw a sword Argent hilt and pommel Or the sinister paw resting on a garb also Or.

Motto: Concedere Sperno

Grant: Chief Herald of Canada granted the arms 22 May 1997 and same were registered in Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada, v. III, p. 170.

The Arms of Robin Bruce Mackie

Robin Bruce Mackie, Esquire, alias Roban Brus Mac Aoidh, formerly Major, C.A.F, sometime captain of Her Majesty's flight [N.W.T, 1970], born 1930, being the second son of the late Alan Vincent Mackie, by his wife Mabel Elizabeth, dau. of Francis Russell Savage; and being grandson of Francis Hector Mackie, Barr Colonist [d. 1951]. Married firstly, 1951, Violet Lena Gordon [d. 1976], dau. of the late David Kincaide; and by her has surv. issue: David Christopher [m. 1982, Karen Jensen; and has issue] and Rebecca Lee [m. 1982, James William Nicholas; and has issue]; secondly, 1972, Gwenneth Lucille, U.E, dau. of the late Lewis Earl Treen, U.E; and has further issue: Christopher Stirling Treen, U.E, barrister & A/SLt R.C.N.

The Banner of Robin Bruce Mackie

[m. 2000, Hiroko Miyazaki; and has issue by Carly Koren Chunick].

Badge assumed by deed poll, 2 June 2002, for use only in the Empire of Japan.

Residence: Casa del Montecillo, Delta, British Columbia. Clubs: R.A.F. & Union Club of B.C.

The Mackies are a western Canadian family of Scots origin, having immigrated to the Barr Colony in 1903. They have rendered military service in varying degrees for at least four generations.

Sir James Balfour of Denmilne recorded that the arms of the chiefly Mackies of Strathnaver, circa 1503, were Argent, over three mullets Azure, a hand naked Proper. These arms are the reverse of the ancient arms of the Kingdom of Moray, where the Mackies originated.

The lion in chief originates with the arms of the Mackies of Larg. Sir James recorded those arms as Argent, two ravens pendant from an arrow fessways piercing their necks Proper, on a chief Azure, a lion passant of the field armed and langued Gules. These are perhaps arms of concession (the lion being from the Bruce arms) to signify Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, but with the tinctures reversed.

The dragon's tail indicates the British ancestry of Mr Mackie's second wife, nee Gwenneth Lucille Treen, U.E.

The red cougar (or, mountain lion) of the crest recalls the red lion that Francis Hector marked all of the boxes in which he packed his belongings prior to immigrating to Canada. Altering that animal to a cougar signifies the family's history in western Canada. The wings signify the armiger’s service in the R.C.A.F. and later as a commercial airline pilot. The coronet erablé denotes both his birthplace and his national service. The sword represents the several generations of the Mackie family who have served with the military and the garb alludes to Francis Hector's colonial homestead, in what was then the District of Saskatchewan of the North-West Territories. It also hearkens back to the family's industry as bakers in Morayshire in the nineteenth century.

The motto, meaning 'I scorn to yield', was inspired by a line in the Scottish poem, 'The Banks of the Earn', by Carolina, Lady Nairne:

'While in the field they scorn to yield, And while their native soil is dear, Oh, may their truth be as its rocks, And conscience as its waters clear!'

This motto responds to that of the Lord Reay, Manu Forti (i. e. 'with a strong hand').

The badge is a “Japanization” of the arms, rendered by Junichiroh Kitano, a Japanese heraldist of Heiandoh Badges, Kumamoto, on 2 November 1998. In English, it is blazoned three Japanese estoiles, one and two, encircled by waves of the sea.

The Badge of Robin Bruce Mackie


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