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Last Update: 27/06/2019

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Captain Jason Charles Burgoin, CD, FSA Scot.

Registered: The International Register of Arms, 12th June 2019. Registration No. 0500 (Vol.3).

Arms: Quarterly Sable and Gules a cross Ermine between 1st and 4th three caltrops and 2nd and 3rd a martlet Or.

Crest: A demi-tyger Gules collared, chained and holding a torch enflamed Or.

Badge: A tyger's face Gules jessant of a Latin cross patonce Ermine.

Motto: I Pass Through This World But Once.

Grant: The Canadian Heraldic Authority December 15, 2016 Vol.151, p.1304. Recorded in the Public Registry of Arms, Flags & Badges of Canada Vol. 5, p. 654. Original concept of the armiger (Arms) and Mr. Bruce Patterson, Deputy Chief Herald of Canada (Crest & Badge), assisted by Mrs. Manon Labelle, Miramichi Herald.

The Arms of Jason Charles Burgoin

Arms: The cross indicates the armiger's Christian faith, and the ermine pattern alludes to the ermine in the arms of Lincolnshire England, from where his paternal ancestors resided. The caltrops are a medieval weapon and thus allude to his career in the Canadian Armed Forces and interest in military history. They are places in an arrangement of two over one in Or, as a reference to the fleur-de-lis in France's arms where the armiger's family emanates, and further placed in Quartering 1 and 4 to draw on those of the early arms of England, from the period of time when his paternal family is known to have arrived in England. The martlet, which appears in other Burgoyne arms, is a bird always in flight and thus represents a constant seeking of knowledge and adventure. The field of Gules is the colour of the Canadian Army, while Sable alludes to constancy and prudence. In addition, the arms are in a similar layout as those of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and allude to his maternal grandmother's lineage from this province of Canada.

Crest: The tiger is one of the supporters of the arms of Hamilton, Ontario, the armiger's birthplace. The use of the heraldic form of the tiger (tyger) alludes to the armiger's vast knowledge and passion for heraldry. The torch symbolizes enlightenment and reflects his involvement and membership in the Ancient Free & Accepted Masons fraternity. The collar and the chain, inspired by livery collars and chains of office, represent his support and loyalty to the Crown and the Sovereign, and his call to service in various offices of leadership.

The Banner of Jason Charles Burgoin Motto: Taken from the beginning of a Quaker proverb first recorded c. 1859. "I PASS THROUGH THIS WORLD BUT ONCE", therefore if there maybe any kindness I can show or any good that I can do, to any fellow being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again

Badge: The face of the heraldic tyger is taken from the crest, and the cross alludes to that in the arms. Together, these two elements link his ancestors' past with the present.

Seal: The Reverend Canon David Bowyer, MDiv, FRHSC designed a seal in May 2017 depicting the armiger's arms surmounted by a triple-turreted tower and circumscribed by alternating trefoil arches and fleur-de-lis, the whole of which is surrounded by the Latin inscription "SIGILLVM + IASONIE + CAROLI + BVRGOIN" in Uncial script.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1982, the son of Danny Walter Burgoin of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and Kim Lorry Webster of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is the grandson of paternal grandparents Lawrence Burgoin of Leeds, Yorkshire, England and Sarah Hunter McKenzie of Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland. His maternal grandparents are Ross Henry Webster and Bernice Alice Sinyard both of Toronto, Ontario. The armiger spent most of his upbringing raised by his mother and stepfather, Wallace Frances Manning of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, in the Essex County region of Ontario, and now resides in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with common-law partner Jesse Gregory Baillargeon of Essex, Ontario, Canada.

The armiger is a former student of Huron University College, University of Western Ontario; he was commissioned as an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in 2001. During his carrier he has held positions in Windsor Ontario, Area Support Unit London, and Canadian Forces Base Trenton, prior to being posted to Canadian Forces Base Borden. At the time of publication, he holds the rank of Captain and is the J5 Plans Officer at Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central).

A herald of arms by inclination, he is the National First Vice President of Royal Heraldry Society and President of the Toronto Branch. He was honoured with the Society's Meritorious Service Award in 2019 and has been a long-standing editor of “Hogtown Heraldry”. His thirst for research in the art and science of heraldry spans far beyond the borders of Canada, with special interest in British and French heraldry, as well as sigillography. In addition, he holds membership of the The Heraldry Society (United Kingdom), The White Lion Society, The Order and Medals Research Society, The Canadian Society of Military Medals and Insignia.

The armiger is a member of the Ancient Free & Accepted Masons, within the Grand Lodge of Canada, in the Province of Ontario A.F. & A.M, and Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemason of Canada. He is a Past Worshipful Master of Dufferin Lodge No. 291, West Flambourgh.

The Badge of Jason Charles Burgoin

The Seal of Jason Charles Burgoin

Outside of the realm of heraldic research, the armiger is an active recreational scuba diver, has an interest in Napoleonic Wars history and works with St. John Ambulance. He is a Knight of the Order of Saint Joachim, and Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

Honours: Sovereigns Volunteer Medal, Canadian Forces Decoration, Governor General of Canada Commendation, Vice Chief of Defence Staff Commendation.

Artist of Armorial Achievement & Badge: Robert Gray.
Artist of Banner: Alexander Liptak.


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The Armorial Bearings of  Jason Charles Burgoin, CD, FSA Scot.