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Last Update: 01/06/2021

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Claude Joseph Bourret

Registered: The International Register of Arms, 23 March 2015. Registration No. 0324. (Vol.2).

Arms: Gyronny Or and Azure, a lion Gules armed and langued Azure charged on the shoulder with a fleur-de-lis Or.

A demi lion rampant Gules armed and langued Azure charged on the shoulder with a locomotive wheel Or and holding between the paws a fagot also Or bound Azure.

Discendo Et Perseverando Cresco.

Flag: A banner of the Arms.

Badge: Two swords in saltire proper, hilts and pommels Or, overall a lion’s face Gules wearing a coronet flory Or jewelled proper.

Badge: A lion’s face Gules crowned with a coronet flory Or jewelled proper and jessant-de-lis Azure.

The Arms of Claude Joseph Bourret

The bADGE OF Claude Joseph Bourret
The Badge of Claude Joseph Bourret

Grant:  [Arms and Flag]: Canadian Heraldic Authority: Volume IV page 13 of the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada; 15th March 2000.

Grant of Badge: Canadian Heraldic Authority: Volume V page 536 of the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada; 20th August 2010.

Grant of a Flag and a Badge Canadian Heraldic Authority: Volume VI page 215 of the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada; 15th March 2013.

The gyronny gold and blue pattern of the field of the shield comes from the arms of Charlesbourg, Quebec, the ancestral home of the armiger's forbear,  Gilles Bourée dit Lépine. It also mirrors the geographic pattern of the town's lands. The two lions in the Arms and Crest recall the ancestor's native Normandy, in France. The fleur-de-lis refers to the French roots of Marie de Bellehache, to royal France and to the calling of Gilles Bourée as a soldier in the French army.

The bundle of sticks (bourrée in French) refers to the origins of the family name, originally given to people who worked as bundlers of wood. The locomotive wheel designates Mr. Bourret's career as an employee of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

The Latin phrase of the Motto means “I grow through learning and perseverance”.

See Registration No. 0489. (Vol.3). 28th Feb. 2019 for further registrations of Flags and Badges.

The lion's head in the first badge recalls the arms of the Duchy of Normandy, homeland of the armiger's ancestors. A lion also appears in Mr. Bourret's arms granted in 2000. The swords illustrate the military career of his ancestor Gilles Bourée dit Lépine. The fleurs-de-lis crown honours the French origins of Marie de Bellehache, wife of Gilles Bourée dit Lépine and daughter of Pierre de Bellehache, and recalls royal France. The swords in saltire evoke the arms of de Bellehache.

The standard combines several other elements of the grants made to Mr. Bourret. The crowned red lion holding the standard recalls the lion found in the arms of Normandy and of royal France. The compartment of fleurs-de-lis and maple leaves honour Mr. Bourret's French ancestry and his Canadian nationality.

The lion's head and the fleur-de-lis of the second badge are taken from the arms, while the crown is taken from the armiger's first badge.

The Standard of Claude Joseph Bourret

After the year 2000, the armiger sent a request to the Chief Herald of Canada to add a banner to the coat of arms. The Chief Herald of Arms accepted it but said that she would have to order a new coat of arms design. This gave the armiger the opportunity to ask if a change could be made to substitute the old helmet for a new one. The Chief Herald was positive about the idea but suggested that the armiger himself sought a suitable model for consideration and after a search of several existing models, the armiger was inspired to create a unique helmet with vertical slots. After sending a sketch, the Chief Herald was pleased with the result and the armiger sent his sketch to the Canadian Heraldic Authority for a final drawing. The Chief Herald helped to determine the blazon and “Un heaume ajouré et orné à l'ancienne” (An old-fashioned openwork and ornate helmet) was chosen. The two swords illustrated on the first badge come from the armiger’s French heritage; it is named the sword of Charlemagne. The coronet fleur-de-lis jewelled proper model shown on the 1st and on the 2nd badge and on the head of the lion Gules supporter, again comes from French heritage. It was granted to the armiger to honour his ancestors.


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