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Last Update: 15/04/2014

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To celebrate the 340th anniversary of the Lyon King of Arms Act 1672 The Armorial Register Limited, publishers of The International Register of Arms, is inviting the submission of digital photographic material for the publication of a fully illustrated prestigious book A Celebration of Scottish Heraldry, dedicated to the many practical ways in which Scottish Armigers of today enjoy and demonstrate their personal armorial bearings.

Whilst this book will be an armorial of sorts, it is not just an armorial; its main purpose is to illustrate the practical usage of Scots Armory in the 21st century. If your arms are recorded in the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland you are invited to submit photographs, along with details, of any armorial item you may or have had commissioned be it your Letters Patent, library painting, crest badge, seal matrix, flag, flatware, dirks, sporrans, engraved items ……… As a bare minimum we would request that you illustrate your entry with an original grant of arms or matriculation document (we are happy to blank out personal details such as home addresses etc if you so wish). From our own collections we have put together a number of sample pages illustrating our intentions and showing items which we feel would be of interest to enthusiasts throughout the world and would also benefit your favoured heraldic artists and craftsmen by mentioning them and acknowledging their work in the text.

Participation in this project is FREE (although obviously there will be a cost associated with the purchase of the actual book should participants wish to acquire a copy in due course). If you require further information or assistance please contact The Armorial Register Ltd..

Armigers Sample Entry  in PDF



Before filling in the Online Inclusion Form 
please see the notes below.
Scots Armigers who have so far contributed
 material to this project.

Notes: Entry into "A Celebration of Scottish Heraldry" is FREE. In preparation to filling in the Online Inclusion Form you may wish to consider having the following pre-prepared.

Minimum Entry -

  1. The Blazon of your Arms, date of Grant/Matriculation, Volume and Folio number.
  2. The rationale behind the design of your Arms, use of crest, charges etc. (up to 200 words)
  3. An image of your full achievement of Arms ( 2 megs Max in JPG or GIF Format).
  4. Scan or Photograph of your Letters Patent or Birth Brief. (2 megs Max in JPG or GIF format).

Extended Entry -

  Up to a further 4 images ( 2 megs Max in JPG or GIF Format) can be uploaded to demonstrate the various  ways you have used your arms; flags, seals, paintings, jewellery and any other ways in which  the arms, crest etc. have been depicted.

Enter the details of the uploaded images in the part of the form headed  "Information on Other Images" with the rationale and artists' details etc. Please clearly mark the information that accompanies each image. Some sample entries in PDF - this is a large file and may take time to open, please be patient.

Advertising - ‘A Celebration of Scottish Heraldry’ is almost ready to go to print. Within the book there is the availability for heraldic artists, silversmiths and woodcarvers etc and other heraldic organisations to advertise. A full A4 page within the book is £100 UK Pounds, half page £60 UK Pounds and a quarter page £35 UK Pounds. If you wish to advertise within the book or require further information please contact

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