Spanish College of Arms

Acquiring armorial bearing, international heraldic authorities and assuming of arms.
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Spanish College of Arms

Post by Martin Goldstraw » Wed Jan 24, 2007 2:08 pm

I feel that I must point out to our forumeers that they should note that the Spanish College of Arms is a private organisation and that the Armorial Register feels that some of the services offered by it should be treated with caution. One does not particularly need the services of this organisation to record arms with a Cronista in Spain .. indeed at the moment, there are no official (National) Spanish Cronista's. There are a number of amateur heraldry organisations who are happy to advise on the assumption and registration of Spanish arms and they do not charge a fee.

We are of the view that it is not possible to acquire feudal titles anywhere in Europe except Scotland and the advertising by this private organisation of such titles for sale is questionable to say the least:
We are now in the position to offer our customers the possibility of acquiring Italian Lordships and Baronies, and other Feudal Titles.
I would especially question the claim that the purchaser of an Italian title is able to enter his name into the "Golden Book".
The Baron and Lord Of Roccamora Di Edessa will be able to register arms in Italy, and his name and title will be included both in the Italian Armorial and the Golden Book of the Italian Nobility.
I am informed that Mr. Valle's contact with Mr. Hamilton was in relation to the possible acquisition of a Scottish barony and forumeers will note that Mr. Hamilton does not involve himself with anything other than Scottish feudal titles.
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