Searching for a MULLER Coat-of-Arms and Family History Information?

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Searching for a MULLER Coat-of-Arms and Family History Information?

Post by Frederick Siler » Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:12 pm

Muller/Mueller Heraldry and Genealogy: A Geographical Perspective

Released by Family Roots Publishing, in 2016, this unique book is the first in a series exploring the heraldry and genealogy of common German surnames with a focus on the English-speaking family historian who seeks another fresh approach to their research. This is not another book about how to trace your German ancestors or a reprint of readily available information from old sources. Most family historians will concede that the research process begins to become more tedious when we attempt to deal with European historical locations and records written in a foreign language. Armed with this book, you will start to overcome barriers of language and shifting state boundaries. Learn how the following components can enhance the story of your Muller ancestors. Included in this particular volume are:
• Over 2,200 historical and modern geographical locales of the Holy Roman, German and Austrian Empires, as well as Switzerland;
• Supplementary material for major current and past political states and regions; with links to a catalog of genealogical records by FamilySearch;
• Colorful illustrations of 35 coats-of-arms along with genealogical and geographical information on 94 Muller families.
See a full description of this book at:

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