commoner arms

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Joseph M James
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commoner arms

Post by Joseph M James » Wed Sep 14, 2016 1:51 am

The Siebmacher series of books contains 14 vols. of burger or commoner arms pub.1885 thru 1961. Ottfried Neubecker then published in 1985, the Grosses Wappen-Bilder lexicon containing the over 21,000 illustrations of these arms. I have a copy of this book should someone want or need something out of it. I also have a copy of the general index for Siebmachers 1605-1961. Again I'm willing to share info.
My question is, has anyone done a comprehensive work such as this with the commoner arms of England,Great Britain etc.( just a picture of the arms in black and white, no tricking and with the surname,but no pedigrees etc. cross referenced by main charge and surname? How many commoner arms are there? If the answer to the 1st. question is no and I was 40 yrs. younger I might have just found a life hobby.
Mr. Goldstraw, in an earlier post you mentioned being willing to provide a list of books concerning the origins of heraldry in England. I would appreciate that list if still possible. J M joe James

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Re: commoner arms

Post by Martin Goldstraw » Wed Sep 14, 2016 12:38 pm

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