Cheshire Heraldry Visitations 1613 illustrated

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Cheshire Heraldry Visitations 1613 illustrated

Post by Martin Goldstraw » Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:26 am

(Forgive the blatant advertising)

I have now published the second in the illustrated companions to the Cheshire Visitations.

CHESHIRE HERALDRY THE VISITATIONS OF 1613. This purpose of this book is to act as an illustrated companion to add some colour to the Harleian MS series of Cheshire Visitations. This volume features 178 colour illustrations of the armorial bearings recorded at the Heralds’ Visitations of Cheshire in the year 1613 as published in 1909 by The Records Society for the Publication of Original Documents Relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. The book published by The Records Society contains few illustrations and those that are included are in black and white. Although the visitations contained a collection of pedigrees of families with the right to bear arms this work confines itself to their armorial bearings alone. The author has simply attempted to turn the written description of the arms (the blazon) into a coloured illustration for every relevant entry.

Hardcover 144 pages Price: £39.99 (if you are quick, you can take advantage of a 10% discount – until June 14th – but you must use the code)
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