Historic Badges, Devices & War-Cries

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Historic Badges, Devices & War-Cries

Post by J Duncan of Sketraw » Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:01 pm

New Book Release in The Armorial Register Shop http://www.armorial-register.com/heraldry-shop.html

Historic Devices, Badges and War-Cries.

First published in 1870 Mrs. Bury Palliser. This delightful book, abundantly illustrated, reviews the historic badges and devise of many families and organisations and includes a table in the back listing the main devices and mottoes. Devices and badges form a branch of heraldic study rarely appreciated and the author offers her opinions on the origins of these symbols along with archaeological, mythical and historical information. The book is in three parts with part one dealing with devices, part two deals with badges and part three deals with "War Cries,". This topic is an unusual addition to the standard topics found in heraldry books.

A Clean original facsimile of the original, not an OCR copy.

The book is in paperback with 448 pages and 282 illustrations reproduced by facsimile from the original book and is a perfect-bound bookstore-quality, standard paperback binding A5, 6in wide x 8in tall (14.81cm wide x 20.99cm tall)

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