A Collection of Armorials of the County of Orkney.

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A Collection of Armorials of the County of Orkney.

Post by Martin Goldstraw » Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:47 pm

A Collection of Armorials of the County of Orkney.

A Collection of Armorials of the County of Orkney.
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First published in 1902 by H.L. Norton Smith Armorial bearings from tombstones, wood carvings, seals etc., with extracts from the Lyon Registers, and genealogical notes compiled from public records and other sources.

The Chief object of this book is to preserve a record of the Armorial Bearings of many ancient Orkney families, some of which, though probably quite authentic, are not in any of the registers of the Lyon Office, but are only to be found upon decaying tombstones and fragile seals, and are consequently in great danger of being lost sight of beyond all hope of recovery.

A Clean original facsimile of the original, not an OCR copy.

The book is in paperback with 144 pages and 48 illustrations of Arms and numerous blazons reproduced by facsimile from the original book and is a perfect-bound bookstore-quality, standard paperback binding A5, 6in wide x 8in tall (14.81cm wide x 20.99cm tall).

ISBN 978-1-326-48025-7.

Martin Goldstraw

The Armorial Register


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