What are the “must have” Heraldic reference books?

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What are the “must have” Heraldic reference books?

Post by Stephen J F Plowman » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:25 pm

What are the “must have” Heraldic reference books? My initial list is:

An Ordinary of Arms Volume I, 1903. - Sir James Balfour Paul
An Ordinary of Arms Volume II, 1977. - Lyon Office
An Ordinary of Scottish Arms pre-1672
Dictionary of British Arms: Medieval Ordinary (4 Vols)
General Armory Burke's
General Armory Two 1973 - Cecil R. Humphery-Smith
Papworth's Ordinary of British Armorials
Fairbairns Book Of Crests Of The Families Of Great Britain And Ireland (2 Vols)
Grantees of Arms 1687 to 1898 - Harleian Society
Grantees of Arms to the end of the 17th Century - Harleian Society
Herald's Visitations - Various Counties - Harleian Society

Armorial Families 1929 - Arthur C. Fox-Davies
Illustrations to the Armorial General – Rolland & Rolland
Armorial General – Rietstap

What else do I have to sneak past my wife into the study? Those in italic I only have as PDF.
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